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Solar & Battery Installation

A new approach for energy


Solar systems can provide some, or even all of the power requirements you have at home. We are an experienced solar installer, designing and fitting systems to meet your budget and needs, creating affordable solutions that deliver the advantages of solar power for your property.


There are several advantages to a solar installation, with the obvious one being cost savings on energy use. Instead of relying on the power grid and paying for your electricity, it comes from your own solar panels, in some situations you can even sell unused power to the grid supplier and make money from your installation too.


However, that is not all. With your own power generation solution, you don’t have to worry about power disruptions, especially important with the rise in working from home we have seen in recent years. Using modern battery technology, some installations can run a home entirely off the grid, with reliable, cheap power. Using solar is also one of the most environmentally sound ways to power your home.


Using state-of-the-art systems and our vast experience, we can create a bespoke, affordable solution to ensure you can enjoy all the advantages that solar power brings. Call us today to discuss your move to solar power. 

Battery Installation

We Install :

LG Battery

Tesla Battery

Sungrow Battery

We specialize in the installation of the above batteries the choice is yours. 

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Depends of the customer’s budget we can offer most of the quality panels and inverters, however we recommend using LG, Longi,QCells Panels and Fronius, SMA, LG, Sungrow inverters and Enphase micro inverter systems for best performance